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UK vs. US Construction

Musty Boxes And A Damp Crawl Space: Keep Your Foundation Dry

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If you like to store items in your crawl space, but the items keep getting wet and moldy, you need to protect your space and your items. There are a few ways that you can keep moisture out of the space, and this will help preserve the crawl foundation at the same time. You can have a contractor come to inspect the foundation crawlspace to make sure there are no major leaks or concerns. After the inspection, have insulation blown throughout the crawl, have the cement sealed with a waterproofing agent, and improve the ventilation. Insulate...

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How To Remove A Car’s Windshield

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If you need to get a new windshield in your car, you will first need to remove your old one. Not only do you need to make room for the new Mr Go-Glass installation, but you’ll need to bring your old one with you to make sure the new one is the right fit. You will also need to take measurements, which is easier to do when it is removed from your car. Here are simple instructions for removing your windshield. Protect Your Vehicle Before you start working with the glass, protect your car by covering the hood with a blanket or flannel...

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5 Tips For Waterproofing Your Basement

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Basements are prone to leaking due to their underground location, but it’s important to do what you can to prevent water from seeping in. Otherwise, your walls, flooring and more could be damaged, and you could even put the structural security of your home at risk. Luckily, there are a few different things that you can do to help waterproof your basement. Try these five tips, and you can help keep your basement as safe as possible from excess water. 1. Use Gutters To Keep The Exterior Perimeter Of Your Home Dry Although you might not...

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3 Tips To Help You Successfully Clean Up A Flood In Your Chicken Run And Coop

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When your chicken coop and run turn into a mud bog from heavy rains or melting snow, they can get rather stinky and difficult for you to walk in. Besides being a mess for you as the chicken owner, your chickens suffer as well when they have to wallow in a muddy run and coop. Here are three important things you need to do when you clean up from a flooded chicken run. Get the Chickens Up and Out of the Mud It is important to keep your chickens dry and out of the mud since it can cause them to get bumblefoot. Bumblefoot occurs when a cut in a...

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Air Balancing Problems And Residential HVAC Systems

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One of the most common complaints that HVAC service technicians hear from their customers is that one room of their home is not as cold, or as warm, as the rest of their house. In the HVAC industry, these issues are known as “air balance” problems. There are several things that can cause air balance problems to happen in your home. The good news is that most problems with air balancing can be solved with some simple repairs. Airflow Diagnostic Testing The first step in solving air balance issues is to have your home’s HVAC...

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3 Tips For Creating A Safe Yard For Children With Allergies

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Playing outside is one of the primary joys of childhood, but outdoor play can be unpleasant and even dangerous for children with allergies. Asthma attacks can be life-threatening, and garden variety hay fever and contact dermatitis can doom an allergic child to spending gorgeous summer days indoors while siblings and friends play outside. Fortunately there are several ways that homeowners can make their outdoor living spaces safer for children who experience plant allergies. Here are three of them: Avoid Using Plants That Produce Wind-Borne...

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Three Fixes For Your Leaky Roof

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Everyone strives to have a sturdy roof overhead. However, unless you live in a perpetually sunny climate, you may run into problems when the rain or the snow comes along. If you find that you have a leak in your roof, you know it has to be dealt with. Roofing repair can be expensive, though. If you aren’t afraid of heights, there are four repairs you can try yourself. Shingle Repair If you see water leaking from the ceiling in your attic (or the top floor of your home), the first place to look is at your shingles. You can find the...

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How Insurance Companies Handle Storm Damage From Fallen Trees

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After a major storm sweeps through your neighborhood, you may have a big mess to clean up and damages to repair from the trees that fell in your yard. Your first step after this happens is to contact your home insurance company to find out if they will cover the costs of cleanup and repairs. Does Home Insurance Cover Tree Removal Services? The first thing to realize is that a typical homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover the costs of tree removal, unless a major storm causes the tree to fall. Your insurance company expects you to...

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Warning Signs Your Water Heater Is Failing

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When your water heater starts to fail, you want to get fair warning so you can take action fast. Learn the warning signs your water heater is about to go belly up, so you can either repair it fast or be ready to buy a new one. How long a water heater should last Depending on how you care for your hot water heater, it should last for a few to years to a few decades. A few factors go into making sure your water heater lasts for a long time, including: draining your unit when not in use using a water heater that can hold as much water as you...

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How To Replace Your Own Windows

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If you need to replace the windows in your home, whether to upgrade or due to major window damage, it is usually advised you have a professional do it. However, if you are confident in your DIY skills, you can try this on your own. Here are the basic steps for replacing your windows if you are ready to tackle this project. What You Need Before getting started, make sure you have the right tools, materials and supplies for replacing the windows. Many items will already be in your garage, but others you might need to pick up at the local home...

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