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If you want to learn about the construction process and the steps that are taken to complete a project, you should read my blog. My name is Darren White and I've always been fascinated by the way that a construction crew can erect a building so fast. I work in an industrial park and there's always new buildings being built and I see the progress every day. A few months ago, I was at a neighborhood picnic and I started talking to a neighbor that lived down the street. It just so happened that he was a contractor that worked on the buildings in the industrial park. I asked him how the construction crew could build a huge building so quickly and he explained the whole process to me. That's when I had the idea to write a blog to explain the building process to others who are also interested.


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The Building Construction Process Explained

Installing A Commercial Fence? Make Sure You Do These 5 Things

by Edwin Johnston

Has the time come to fence off your commercial property so that others do not have access to it when you are not around? If so, it is not as simple as buying the necessary materials and starting the installation. You'll need to do the following 5 things before you can install the commercial chain link fencing.

Get A Land Survey

The one mistake you want to avoid is installing the fence only to discover that it is not technically on your property. This can lead to the fence needing to be moved, which will cost you quite a bit to essentially redo all of the work. That is why it is crucial that you get a land survey to ensure that you know exactly where your borders are.

Call 811

A fence installation will involve some digging, so it is always worth it to call 811 prior to performing any work to determine where it is safe to dig. You do not want to get into the fence installation only to discover that a utility line is installed right underneath where a post needs to go, causing you to alter your installation and the look of the fence.

Check With Neighbors

Is your land next to another business? If so, it is worth contacting them to discover their needs for fencing. You may discover that they are planning to do a similar renovation, and you could save money by sharing a portion of fencing for both properties. If they don't plan on installing a fence, it is just a common courtesy to let a neighbor know that a fence will be going up so that they can plan accordingly.

Clear The Landscaping

Chances are that there are some trees or shrubs located along the path where the fence will be installed. You'll need to take the time to remove those things so that there is a clear path of where the fence will go. Do not underestimate how much work this can actually be, since removing a tree and digging up its root system along a fence line can be a physically exhausting task.

Hire A Professional

Installing a fence is one job that is best left to the professionals. That is because a fencing contractor will have the experience to do everything correctly the first time. If you are worried about the fence not being straight or sturdy, just leave this job to a fencing contractor.