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If you want to learn about the construction process and the steps that are taken to complete a project, you should read my blog. My name is Darren White and I've always been fascinated by the way that a construction crew can erect a building so fast. I work in an industrial park and there's always new buildings being built and I see the progress every day. A few months ago, I was at a neighborhood picnic and I started talking to a neighbor that lived down the street. It just so happened that he was a contractor that worked on the buildings in the industrial park. I asked him how the construction crew could build a huge building so quickly and he explained the whole process to me. That's when I had the idea to write a blog to explain the building process to others who are also interested.


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The Building Construction Process Explained

Is Your Home Not As Warm As It Should Be During The Winter? Try These Tips

by Edwin Johnston

If you have found that your home is not as warm as you would like for it to be during the cold winter months, you are going to want to do everything you can in order to make use of the following tips. This way, by using these tips, you will find that you and your family will be much more comfortable during the winter, but you might just save a good bit of money on your heating bills as well.

Fill In The Cracks With Insulation

You will need to take some time to examine all around the interior and exterior of your house in order to locate small cracks or holes that might be present. Even if it does not seem like a lot, the smallest of holes can let cold air from the outside into your home. It can also allow a lot of the warmer inside air to escape. Of course, once you find these holes, you do not want to simply stuff them with standard pink fiberglass insulation. That stuff flattens quickly and can easily fall out of place. Instead, you will want to use a spray foam insulation that will expand, fill in the entire space, and then harden so nothing is going to be able to get through it.

Have Your Windows Inspected

When was the last time the windows in your house were checked out? If it has been many years, or you simply don't know when because it was well before you bought the house, it is time to call in a window expert. He or she will be able to take the time to check out your individual windows. The window contractor can let you know if your windows are no longer energy efficient and therefore letting a lot of warm air escape the house. You might need to upgrade to double pane windows in order to finally notice a significant difference in the temperature within your house. It might cost a chunk of money, but you may be able to write off the expense on your taxes at the end of the year, so hold on to your receipt.

Get The Duct Work Checked Out

Too many homeowners will go to great lengths to try to get their home warmer in the winter and they just can't seem to make it happen. This is because they might have some broken or disjointed duct work hidden behind the walls. If a lot of the warm air is escaping behind the walls, you are going to have a hard time getting the rest of the house to the temperature that you desire. Since you are unable to see the duct work on your own, you will need to hire an expert that can send a mini camera through the system for a thorough inspection. The sooner any broken duct work is repaired, the sooner you will be able to properly warm up your home.