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If you want to learn about the construction process and the steps that are taken to complete a project, you should read my blog. My name is Darren White and I've always been fascinated by the way that a construction crew can erect a building so fast. I work in an industrial park and there's always new buildings being built and I see the progress every day. A few months ago, I was at a neighborhood picnic and I started talking to a neighbor that lived down the street. It just so happened that he was a contractor that worked on the buildings in the industrial park. I asked him how the construction crew could build a huge building so quickly and he explained the whole process to me. That's when I had the idea to write a blog to explain the building process to others who are also interested.


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The Building Construction Process Explained

Cork Or Laminate: Which Is Right For Your Home?

by Edwin Johnston

If you are looking for an alternative to pricey hardwood flooring, but still want something very visually appealing, both cork and laminate flooring are good potential considerations. They are both relatively simple to install, whether you're a DIY fan or whether you use the services of a local flooring contractor. However, they do have some differences. Keep reading to learn more about both cork and laminate, and to decide which is right for your home!

The Upkeep

Both cork and laminate are fairly easy to maintain. Use a broom to sweep away dirt and debris, and mop with hot water (it helps avoid streaks, and it's the gentlest way to clean) on a regular basis to keep both looking nice. Spot cleaning is best done with a damp sponge or cloth.

The major thing you need to worry about with laminate flooring is standing water. If laminate floors are exposed to water for a protracted period, they can warp. This means you need to be careful not to over saturate the floor when cleaning, and to allow the floor to dry as soon as possible. Since cork flooring doesn't absorb liquid, this is not common with cork.

Advantage for Upkeep: Cork

Wear and Tear

Cork and laminate are fairly evenly matched in terms of wear and tear. Both offer high durability and can stand up to a lot of foot traffic. The "walking layer," the upper layer of the cork or laminate, can work a bit differently.

The cork walking layer is slightly softer than laminate and may get dented more easily. However, due to the flexibility of the material, cork can expand, filling the dent like it never happened. This may take some time, though. Laminate flooring is not quite "tough as nails," but it's close. If you have a high traffic household, this is a big advantage.

Advantage for Wear and Tear: Laminate

The Cost

While both cork and laminate are far less expensive than hardwood flooring, they are not priced exactly the same. Laminate is the cheaper choice by far. It generally costs anywhere from $1 to $6 for each square foot, while cork flooring costs $4 to $12 for a square foot of material.

Advantage for Cost: Laminate

As you can see, both of these flooring types can be good options. Perhaps one or the other now stands out to you as the right choice. Check out your options for discount flooring online today to get started on a great new cork or laminate floor for your home!