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If you want to learn about the construction process and the steps that are taken to complete a project, you should read my blog. My name is Darren White and I've always been fascinated by the way that a construction crew can erect a building so fast. I work in an industrial park and there's always new buildings being built and I see the progress every day. A few months ago, I was at a neighborhood picnic and I started talking to a neighbor that lived down the street. It just so happened that he was a contractor that worked on the buildings in the industrial park. I asked him how the construction crew could build a huge building so quickly and he explained the whole process to me. That's when I had the idea to write a blog to explain the building process to others who are also interested.


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The Building Construction Process Explained

Four Things You Will Want To Know About Repairs To Your Existing Septic System

by Edwin Johnston

If you have a home in a rural area, or that is out of the service area for water and sewage, you will need to have things like wells and septic systems for your home. Septic systems have been used for a long time to deal with waste coming from homes. If you have an older home, your septic system will need to have regular maintenance and repairs done to it.

Here are some of the things that you should know about repairs to your septic system:

1. Tree Root Problems With Pipes And Septic Systems

Tree roots can be the cause of many problems for septic systems and the pipes in your home. If you have trees near your septic system, roots getting into it can cause a lot of damage. To correct this, you may want to remove the tree or relocate the septic system.

It is a good rule to locate trees and plants with deep roots, as far away from your septic system as possible.

2. Corrosion Of The Tank Or Liner In Tank

Corrosion of your tank can also be a big problem. This can often mean that you need to have your tank replaced. This is often found in concrete systems with two chambers and a separator in the middle of the tank. If you decide to replace your tank, you may want to consider using newer tanks that are made out of corrosion-resistant materials.

If you have a two-chamber tank, consider changing this to two separate tanks to reduce corrosion problems.

3. Distribution Boxes And Alarm Problems

Distribution boxes are another area where you can have problems with your septic system. These boxes distribute waste water to the drain field. The distribution box and tanks for your system can also have alarms to tell you when there is a problem with your septic system. If the distribution box has problems such as being clogged due to an overflowing tank, an alarm can help you to be informed about these problems.

4. Failing Drain Fields And Septic System Backing Up

The drain field can also be the source of problems with your septic system. If an overflowing tank is overlooked, it can lead to problems with solid waste going to the drain field. This can lead to the drain field becoming overburdened and eventually not even working at all.

If you have this problem, you may end up needing to have the drain field replaced.  Other problems can be caused by collapsed filter medium, pipes and drainage materials in this part of your septic system.

These are some of the things that you should know about the repairs and maintenance to your septic system. If you are not sure if the septic system is causing problems for your home, contact a septic tank inspection service to locate problems and the repair needs of your system.